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Stephanie S. was injured in a semi-truck accident caused by the truck driver.

She suffered fractures in her thigh bones, crushed kneecaps, broken bones in her lower leg, a crushed right foot, and impairment to her right arm and hand (which she uses to write with). She faced hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, all because of a truck drivers failure to drive safely.

The semi drivers insurance company initial offer was barely enough to cover her ambulance trip.

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Our truck accident specialty lawyers fought the truckers insurance company to help Stephanie recover enough compensation to cover her lost work wages, her medical injuries, and her pain and suffering throughout an ordeal that was not her fault. Our attorneys can do the same for you!

(You can watch Stephanie talk about how our lawyers handled every detail of her case in the video on the right hand of the page if youd like.)

If youre here, maybe its because you or someone you love has been in Denver truck accident that wasnt your fault and you want an attorney to help rectify the situation. Maybe youre here because you want to know if you have options or recourse.

It can be confusing, frustrating, and stressful to even know where to begin. Thats where a knowledgeable Denver car accident attorney from our law firm comes in.

(We also proudly serve truck accident victims in Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs and the rest of Colorado.)

Were Colorado truck accident attorneys who work for you and your loved ones. We practice personal injury law exclusively in Colorado for victims of personal injury and truck accidents and were accredited by multiple national professional and legal organizations.

More importantly, our team of attorneys, paralegals and case managers has dedicated our lives to getting justice and compensation for people from all walks of life.

You deserve a compassionate Colorado truck accident lawyer who takes your case seriously.

You deserve a law firm that has successfully won or settled truck accident cases in the state of Colorado.

You deserve an attorney who will reassure you, will listen to you, and will work their hardest to get money that pays for your injuries, your work loss, your car damages, and your pain and suffering.

We sit with you to listen to your story, and then we will determine if we believe you have a case against the truck driver and his insurance company.

You do not pay us any out-of-pocket expenses while we represent you.

That means no bills coming from us in the mail. No calls from a collection agency asking that you send us money. We only receive compensation when your case is settled or is an award is given after a successful court trial. We are only paid with a portion of your settlement or award. The rest is used to pay for your injuries, medical bill, lost wages and other damages.

The sooner you contact us about your case, the sooner you move to protect YOUR rights and interests. Contact our Denver truck accident lawyers today about your accident, and lets see what we can do for you.

(We also proudly serve truck accident victims in Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs and the rest of Colorado.)

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"Everyone was very friendly and made me feel better about my case. Everyone worked every hard to see that I got the treatment I needed for recover. A big thank you the providers who took care of me. I dont know what I would have done without you guys by my side!" - Sara

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